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Our first product is called iPiLaMOkO which is a mobile application designed and built to enable people to queue online. It can be used by any business to facilitate the flow of services that requires people to queue. It offers people to save time and do more productive work rather than waste time in a queue.

iPiLaMOkO is from the Filipino term 'ipila mo ako' meaning ‘you line up for me'. This virtual queuing system is an easy way to regulate number of people lining up, minimize close interactions and a smart way to facilitate social distancing.

It enables your customers to:

  • Search and select a queue and receive a mobile ticket

  • Monitor their place in line and view average waiting time until turn to be served

  • ​Wait remotely and view your estimated distance from queue

  • ​Receive notifications when it is your turn

  • ​Have the option to leave the queue or move back in the line

  • Provide feedback about their experience on the queue.

It enables businesses to:

  • Setup queue with own brand or logo

  • ​Setup multiple queues depending on operating schedule, when needed

  • Facilitate queue with QR scanning features

  • Manage customer flow more efficiently

  • Assign facilitators to help manage the queue

  • Transfer the ownership of the queue to another user

  • Manage user feedback contents

  • Keep your customers safe and maintain social distancing by having not to queue physically

Cloud Application Development & Hosting

We offer cloud based software development for companies who wanted to outsource their development and application hosting in the cloud. We've built and developed significant capabilities in setting up streamlined development pipeline which integrates the development team workflow to the cloud based deployment and application management using Azure Portal.

By partnering with us, you can rely on us to handle your software development and production technical support to keep your online business up and running. Our skill and expertise enable you to


  • Build web and mobile applications

  • Integrate legacy applications to newer platforms

  • Convert legacy applications to new architecture and latest platform

IT Development Team and Tech Support Mentoring

We are open to partner with startup companies who are struggling to build their development department and cloud hosting. By helping them in the hiring, training, and supporting them until their teams are ready to handle the development workflow. We offer the following:

  • Assisting in hiring the right I.T. personnel

  • Assess the training needs of your new or existing I.T. teams

  • Agile Software Engineering Process and Practices

  • Develop and support your systems

Product Development Partnership

For startup companies with limited budget, Seven Hats IT Solutions is willing to be your partner​ in building them. We can organize a product meeting and discussions on how we can help build and fund the development. This entails that the software product we build will be owned partly, supported and run by us in our cloud infrastructure. We are open to provide the following:

  • Product Development Partnership

  • Profit Sharing once product goes online

  • Providing continuous development partnership and technical support services.

  • Hosting Services

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