Seven Hats Information Technology Solution was conceived when its first product idea was born. The founding member was sitting on a bench outside a doctor's clinic waiting for his turn to be called. Waiting in line can be a waste of time which can be used some better ways.

While shifting in his seat waiting, he came up with the idea of building an app that can be use to queue online:  get notified if the queue is moving, get notified when turn to be served is about to come. For the doctor, the same app that would provide their own electronic queueing.


This is where iPiLaMOkO idea was born together with the company Seven Hats Information Technology.

Seven Hats

Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono is the guide while in the process of building product. When the time to think is done, it's time to wear the Seventh Hat, commit and do it.

Our Mission

To build technology products that help solve common problems that we all experience on our day to day lives.


One man's problem is another man's treasure. Let's build products to solve today's normal problem.

Our First Product

Our first product is called iPiLaMOkO which is a mobile application designed and built to enable people to queue online. It can be used by any business to facilitate the flow of services that requires people to queue. It offers people to save time and do more productive work rather than waste time in a queue.

Seven Hats Information Technology Solutions  
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